What's Wrong With Facebook?


This evening, in eastern standard time, when you swiped down and got the same exact Facebook feed that you had an hour ago, or when you clicked refresh and received the error message, "Something went wrong.  Try refreshing this page", and then you refreshed the page and received the same error message again, you probably took to Google, where you asked, "What's wrong with Facebook?".  Or did you take to twitter and stumble upon @UghFacebookDown?  Or did you just simply decide to take the L and start sending random Memoji videos to your Android friends?

     Whatever the case may be, we're with you!  Facebook suffered a major security breach this week that affected about 50 million accounts.  As an e-commerce business, Nori Sunglasses is running 24/7, and social media is the new ad space (much to their chagrin at times).  We use Facebook and Instagram to make it easier for people who want to browse around our shop without leaving their news feed.  However, because an additional 40 million accounts were proactively logged out by Facebook, including ours, some of our interconnected apps lost our shop data.

     Please bear with us while we re-tag all of the products that we have shared on social media.  Meanwhile, go ahead and pop on over to our website and send us any questions, comments, or concerns you may have through our contact form

     We're sure this latest outage has something to do with their efforts to quell this breach drama. Below, Guy Rosen, VP of Facebook Product Management briefly explains what happened with the security breach and how the Facebook staff plans on protecting it's users and our data: