We have some exciting news for you.  Shopping at Nori Sunglasses just got more rewarding!

     We know you guys are already loving our amazing curated collection of trendy, chic and unique sunglasses and accessories (that look awesome and don’t break the bank)!  We've already revolutionized the online shopping arena with our direct supplier to consumer business model and superior customer service.  Now, we are introducing a brand new rewards program that is sure to give you guys something to talk about!

     The Nori Sunglasses GlamPoints Rewards program offers so many different options to get more bang for your buck!  Here are a few super easy ways you can get some GlamPoints in the Nori bank:

  • All you have to do is Sign Up with us for a whopping 200 GlamPoints
  • Liking us on Facebook gets you 25 GlamPoints
  • Sharing us on Facebook gets you an additional 25 GlamPoints
  • Reviewing a product gets you 50 GlamPoints!
  • Following us on Instagram will give you another 50 GlamPoints!

      Don’t worry about spending your points!  We are giving you tons and tons of ways to redeem your GlamPoints including a $10 discount, free sunglasses, and other hot accessories!

     Sign up now by creating an account (200 GlamPoints reward) so you will be the first to know about all the ways you can spend and earn!  We are constantly adding new and amazing ways to participate in our rewards program so you can shop in style!


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