Travel Tip #1

Do Your Research!

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     Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to introduce you to the internet!  You may have booked your ticket through Kayak or Expedia, but once you know which airline your're flying on, which bus company your riding with, or that the only passenger train that you can ride in America is Amtrak, do yourself a favor and hit up their website!


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     Look for things like how many bags you can check in for free, what the standard carry-on size is, what kind of food they serve, and what kind of seat you'll have among many other things. As you approach your departure date, you should also check the weather, both at your origin and destination.  When you already know what to expect, you are better prepared for last minute changes that can, and mostly do, happen with your travel arrangements.




     Travelling can be very stressful, especially if you're the one coordinating all of the details.  When you get to the ticket counter and see the lady next to you arguing with customer service about the price of her overweight third bag and the guy on the other side of you upset that he can't make it to his gate in time because he showed up five minutes before departure, you will thank yourself for the piece of mind and the time you saved by just taking a few minutes to ensure you have a nice, smooth trip!


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